Thursday, July 2, 2015

Break Me

Break Me
Trace your finger against my surface.
And feel how the smooth grain slides velvet against your skin.
As your fingers continue to explore my texture, your eyes begin to close.
Relishing the softness, your touch begins to exploit me.
Evidence of the rough underneath begins to form on your fingertips.
And your eyes widen to the blood outlining the remnants of your lies.

Flinching, you recognize the jagged surface you have unveiled.
Your head lowers before your eyes lift to meet mine.
Though the cracks you’ve uncovered may be many
Know that you failed to completely break me. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Cherishing every year we share, I
Hold you close each day and
Reach for another moment where
I can turn each minute into a
Sacred memory for us to share.
And when we grow old, I’ll
Never look back and regret any
Day spent loving you.
Always know that you have
Made me whole and that it’s
You who has given me the reason to breathe.



Run away with me to the place
Inside my heart, where I
Cling to your dripping chest that’s
Kissed with sweat from the love we made.
And when I gently run my
Nails across your chest, know that my
Desire for you burns deep inside.
Kiss me feverishly, pull me gently
Into your loving arms and caress
My face as I look lovingly into your eyes.


Friday, September 28, 2012



Why did you go?
Why can't you stay?
Its questions like these
that I face each day.

One moment you're here
the next you're gone, I didn't
see it coming, but I feared
it all along.

I miss you each day,
I search for your face
it used to warm and protect
this place.

But now you're gone and
nothing is the same, except
the wail from my heart
yearning for one more day.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Road

Silent screams fall on deaf ears
while reaching for you.
She is engulfed in the void
that has replaced miles
trodden down a one way street.

A fork in the road leaves you
left with which way to take.
Reminders of you falling down
her face, as you leave your love
stranded in this desolate place.

She's crawling on skinned knees,
with yearning hands, reaching for you
as you turn and leave her
lost and alone
consumed with regret
living without you
in a past she can't forget.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Mother's Love

--For Kim,

Warm, soft breath against her breast,

Swaddled tightly, a love none like the rest.

Unconditional love from first breath,

she’ll never leave him, even in death.

Silently she whispers, calming his fears

her soft hand gently wiping his tears.

Her presence meek but never mild,

for there is no other love like a mother has

for her child.

--Angela Burdett

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The cold, bitter, endless wind
blows through the cracks of
this old house. Nothing to shield
against this new friend.

A house that was a home, now
sitting idle with no warmth. The
presence of life lingers, but yet is
only a shadow.

Your spirit lingers and reminds me
of your presence. The flapping plastic against
the windows shield me from the pain.
For its only been a small amount time,
and nothing is the same.